Floor Vanish Matt Finish F1

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Floor Vanish Matt Finish F1 Monatec Floor Varnish


F1. 23  70 / 30 Satin

MONATEC F1. 23 is high build interior Solvent borne urethane varnish providing protection to timber substrates such as floor, stairs and furniture. Provide a beautiful and durable finish which is resistant to strong household detergents, white spirit etc.


Urethane / Floor varnish dispersed in White Spirit.


Provides a clean stain surface film resistant to water and strong household detergents white spirit, methylated spirit,etc. Protect against abrasion and impact damage.


Timber surface must be thoroughly sanded, clean and dry with dust, dirt, wax, and grease removed.  The moisture content of the timber should not exceed 15%.  Resinous areas, knots and timber with high natural oil (e.g. teak etc) or extractive (e.g. oak) content, should be thoroughly degreased by wiping with a cloth dampened in cellulose thinners or equivalent.  Existing varnish or high build stain finishes must be lightly sanded with fine grade abrasive paper to provide a suitable key.


Apply 1-2 coats of MONATEC PARQUET FILLER PF4000 lightly sanding between coats.
MONATEC F1. 23 should be applied by varnish rollers or brush in a full flowing coat and brushed out to ensure even coverage.  Avoid over brushing as this will cause brush marks and a poor quality finish.  For best results, the room door & window should be closed.

Application Conditions

Avoid applying when relative humidity is above 65% or when air temperature is below 7ºC - 38ºC.
Ensure product is thoroughly stirred before and during application, otherwise sheen variation may occur.


Approximately 8-10 m²/liter, this may vary depending on the method of application and the absorbency of the timber.

Drying Time

Touched dry in approximately 5 -6 hours at 30°C sanding / recoatable in approximately 8 hours.  Full hardness achieved after 1 week.


If maintenance becomes necessary the surface must be lightly sanded with fine grade abrasive paper.  If the timber has been stained, avoid sanding back to the underlying stain. Remove all sanding dust thoroughly and then apply 1 coat of MONATEC  F1.23

Container Sizes

MONATEC F1.23 available in 18 liters pails only.

Safety, Health & Environment

The material safety data sheet covering this product is supplied to our customers and is freely available to users on request.  The safety phrases on the container and material safety data sheet should be read before using this product.

Our information based on laboratory tests and practical experience and may as such be considered a guide in connection with choice of product and working method.  As the users working conditions is beyond our control, we do not assume any responsibility for the result.  Our responsibility covers exclusively personal injury or damage to property which actually have been proved subsequent to faults and defects in one of the products manufactured by us.

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