Bonshure Color Mix & Fill ( Special Teak Wood)

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Bonshure Color Mix & Fill ( Special Teak Wood) Special Product

Bonshure Color Mix Fill

Product Description

Bonshure color mix fill is a high-solids content waterborne binder based on acrylic for the production of wood putty. Is an economical product, quick and use with most types of all wood, specialist for teak wood. The product must be mix with wood dust from the timber. This will treated which give natural coloration. In addition blends teak wood dust even more showing natural coloration and make the teak wood prominent.


When you using the color mix fill you must measured floor must be cleaned, dry with dust, dirt, wax and grease removed. Stir with stick before use.

First the bonshure color mix fill with fine and clean wood dust to a smooth consistency. The finer the dusting sand, the easier it will be to trowel-fill the mass and there will also be a better adhesion in the joints. Apply the mixture across the whole floor using a stainless steel trowel and repeat the procedure if necessary. If gaps wider than 2mm sanding will be next day. 

Technical data
Solid Content : 39.5%
Mixing Ratio : 40-50 % wood dust  to 50 % color mix fill (gaps wider  than 2 mm)
20-30 % wood dust to 80 % color mix fill (gaps wider less 2 mm)
Application Tool  : Stainless steel trowel
Application Rate : 18-22 m²/Liter   deepening on size and quantity of gaps.
Drying Time : Until sanding 45-60 minutes deepening on the width of the joint. (If gaps wider than 2mm need drying over night
Shelf Life : Shelf life 12 months in unopened contained
Pack Size : 4kg

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