Bonshure Top Coat E-7 Nova

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Bonshure Top Coat E-7 Nova Waterborne

Bonshure Waterborne Classic

Timber Floor Finish Polyurethane Top Coat

Product Introduction

Bonshure  polyurethane top coat e-7 is a high quality one-component waterborne  polyurethane finish and is an economical product suitable for  timber flooring  & wood floor.

  • Without the stink
  • Easy to apply and clear
  • High resistance scratches ,wear.
  • No bubbling , beautiful leveling.
  • Fast drying and high solid content
  • Excellent durability
  • Non yellowing
When you using the bonshure  polyurethane top coat e-7, you must measured floor surface must be cleaned, dry with dust, dirt, wax and grease removed. Before using bonshure  polyurethane top coat e-7, you must measure wood floors not be apply any other primer and you must apply bonshure primer  only. So will not exhibit any problem and can achieve good result. Do not thin the product. Shake well before use.
After final coat bonshure primer apply 1-2 coat bonshure  polyurethane top  coat e-7 over the surface. 2-3 hours dry time for one coat bonshure  polyurethane top coat e-7 and that we approximately after 6 hours final coat can step on the floor. After four night final coat the floor can be mop with dry cloth on the floor . Coating system reaches final hardness after approx, 1 days. For best result, apply 2-3  bonshure primer e-4,(In the case of number to apply coats up to your timber) after final coat bonshure primer apply 1-2 bonshure polyurethane   top coat e-7 this can make to parquet flooring not easy scratching 

Technical Data

Solid Content : 34%
Application Tools : Sponge , floor coater, 10 inch formica, roller
Intercoat Abrasion : Can be recoated without in tercoat abrasion within 24 hours.
Suitable Use : Kitchens, living rooms, active homes with children, office, hospital, shop,etc
Dry Time : 2-3  hours for one coat(if to encounter air temperature is below 28°c dry time is not stable)
Sand Paper : Water Sand paper grit 240-320
Shelf Life : Shelf life 12 months in opened container.
Gloss Level : Gloss 45, matt 55%.
Coverage : 1400-1500 square feet /10kg
Storage : Store away from direct sunlight
Package Size : 10kg
Technology : German
Material : German

Our information based on laboratory tests and practical experience and may as such be considered a guide in connection with choice of product and working method. As the users working conditions is beyond our control, we do not assume any responsibility for the result. Our responsibility covers exclusively personal injury or damage to property which actually have been proved subsequent to faults and defects in one of the products manufactured by us.

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